I bet that never happens during phone calls with Putin. 

Courtesy of the Business Insider:

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has canceled a trip to the US planned for next month after a furious phone call from President Donald Trump in which Trump slammed down the phone on the prime minister.

Johnson had been due to visit Washington last month but repeatedly delayed the trip after a series of rows with the president over Iran, Huawei, and a rejected request by the prime minister to extradite the wife of a US diplomat.

The disagreements culminated in a phone call last month in which Trump hung up on Johnson, according to officials with knowledge of the conversation.

Johnson has now canceled his trip altogether, and is not planning on visiting the country until the G7 summit in June.

A Downing Street source confirmed that the trip had been cancelled due to fears of further clashes with the president.

Leave it to Donald Trump to make Boris Johnson seem more fit for leadership by comparison. 

Keep in mind that Britain is a longtime ally and that we have traditionally worked extra hard to preserve our deep and personal relationship with our neighbors across the pond. 

Donald Trump seems to have little to no respect for these relationships and treats our friends and allies overseas as if they are houseguests who have overstayed thier welcome. 

In the meantime I wonder what Trump got Vladimir for Valentine’s Day?