Apparently even having your papers does not protect you from this modern-day Gestapo. 

Courtesy of GQ:

And in March of this year, 9-year-old Julia Medina was detained by CBP for 32 hours despite her being a U.S. citizen.

Though she’s an American, Medina’s family lives in Tijuana, and they cross the border each morning to get to school. On a Monday morning, CBP detained her and her 14-year-old brother, Oscar, saying she didn’t look like the photo in her passport, according to NBC San Diego. CBP said the elementary student, who was questioned without her parents present, “provided inconsistent information during her inspection.” The agency reportedly had no explanation for why it took 32 hours to confirm her citizenship and release her, though in that time they accused her brother, who is also a U.S. citizen, of human smuggling and tried to have him sign a document saying his sister was his cousin. Medina was finally released after her mother pleaded with the Mexican consulate to contact U.S. immigration authorities.

In all of these cases, Galicia, Brown, and Medina had paperwork on them that proved they were U.S. citizens when they were apprehended. But clearly that wasn’t enough to prevent detention by an administration that views non-white people as suspicious. If a passport isn’t enough to prove citizenship, it’s not clear what people can do to avoid getting detained by ICE or CBP.

I cannot even begin to imagine how terrifying it must be for a nine year old girl to suddenly be grabbed by gun toting government agents and kept isolated from her family for over two days.  

Of course little Julia Medina is only one example of brown skinned American citizens being illegally detained despite having identification that proves they are US citizens on their person. 

We are now so close to 1930’s Germany that it is almost like looking in a Nazi mirror.