Black man tricks neo-Nazi into handing over leadership of his white supremacist hate group.

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Yeah, you read that headline right.

Courtesy of WaPo:

Without notifying his followers or even his inner circle, the longtime president of a legacy neo-Nazi group handed his organization to a black civil rights activist from California.

James Hart Stern, 54, is the new president of the National Socialist Movement, a group whose members wear uniforms reminiscent of those worn in Nazi Germany, celebrate Adolf Hitler and organize public rallies across the county.

Stern’s first move as president was to ask a Virginia judge to find the organization culpable of conspiring to commit violence at the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017. The group has been accused of wrongdoing in a lawsuit but had previously denied any responsibility.

Next, he plans to transform the hate group’s website, visited by millions of white supremacists each year, into a space for Holocaust history lessons.

“I did the hard and dangerous part,” Stern told The Washington Post. “As a black man, I took over a neo-Nazi group and outsmarted them.”

And here I thought BLackkKlansman was just a movie. 

When I first heard about this story I was like “Nah, that didn’t happen, that’s bullshit.”

But it is not bullshit, this Stern guy totally outmaneuvered the Nazi. 

There is some disagreement between the two men as to how this all took place, you can read more about that in the article, but the takeaway is that there is now a neo-Nazi group headed by a black man and once less website dedicated to hatred on the internet. 

That sounds like a win to me. 

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    OT? AB 392 ‘Was it necessary?
    ““We were realistic about what the likely outcome would be, that there would be no charges,” Land said. But the family was taken aback by “the lowness of where she stooped to with putting out all this information,” she said — a move that “completely blindsided” them after Schubert did not mention the information during a brief private meeting with Clark’s mother just hours before the press conference. Schubert’s smear wasn’t necessary, legal experts told ThinkProgress.
    Schubert, through a spokesperson, declined to clarify her intent or legal logic”
    “While she is almost certainly correct to conclude that current case law would not support convicting the officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark, District Attorney Schubert probably overshared information about Clark’s mental state,” “She was under no obligation to share her THEORY as to why he was acting out in the way he was and could have simply let it go without saying in her public comments.” {The Hate U Give}

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    Maybe that trick can be played on the the Trump people. Oh, wait. Putin already did that.

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    In a letter to congressional leaders, Mnuchin said that he would stop making investments into a civil service retirement fund and a postal service retirement fund.

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    wonderful. clever man.

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