(The part about QAnon starts at the 6:26 mark.)

Courtesy of the Daily Beast

“This is a big movement on the right. See, we don’t hear about these things because we’re not crazy,” Maher explained. “Q is a person—a member of the ‘deep state,’ way high up in the ‘deep state’—but now he’s turning on them, and he’s revealing that the world is run by a giant pedophile ring. Really. Every president since Reagan has been part of it… you know who’s a pedophile? Tom Hanks. Steven Spielberg. And who’s gonna stop this? Trump. Because who’s more qualified to stop pedophilia than the creep who used to walk in on Miss Teen USA pageants?”

As you might imagine this did not sit well with the batshit crazy, and they went to their safe place on Reddit to bitch about it:

This is why it’s really hard to feel sympathy for the sheep who follow the media/Hollywood. How can they laugh at this shit? What the fuck is wrong with them? This makes me not want to console them at all when the truth comes out but rub it in their faces.

Bill Maher is a douche. Religulous showed what an egotist he is. Controlled.

It’s amazing how well-crafted their lies are. People buy into this shit and we have to fight even harder because people are too stupid to actually look into and understand things for themselves. How frustrating.

When another user tried to reason with this person by explaining that even Trump’s own intelligence agents are telling us that the Russians are continuing to interfere and provided a link to Trump bragging about barging in on undressed beauty contestants, he was met with this:

The same intelligence agencies that lied us into Iraq? Give me a break. You’re getting downvoted for parroting your cookie-cutter liberal talking points. We’ve seen this all before. We know the Trump is an honest man who is putting America first and we are extremely grateful.

Yes, that is an actual response, I did not edit it in any way. 

The good news is that this fringe group is still really quite small (The typical post on Reddit usually gets less than two hundred upvotes, and if you know anything about Reddit you would know that is pretty weak.) 

The bad news, of course, is that they are really out of their fucking minds, and are seeing clues which support their conspiracy theories just about EVERYWHERE.

One of the commenters on that page attacking Maher, actually thought he might be one of them based on some hand movements he apparently made. 

Yeah, I know, right? 

At this point, I am not sure whether or not increased scrutiny will send them scurrying into the shadows, or whether it will embolden them to make their presence known more aggressively. 

I guess we will soon see.