WTF Joe?

Courtesy of The Independent

Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign has admitted the former vice president was not arrested for trying to visit Nelson Mandela at a South African prison during apartheid after the Democratic candidate used the claim at least three times during appearances in recent weeks.

In campaign visits to Nevada and South Carolina, Mr. Biden claimed he was arrested with the US ambassador to the United Nations in Soweto, despite there being no publicly available evidence of the incident.

“This day, 30 years ago, Nelson Mandela walked out of prison and entered into discussions about apartheid,” the Democratic candidate said at a campaign event in South Carolina.

“I had the great honour of meeting him. I had the great honour of being arrested with our UN ambassador on the streets of Soweto trying to get to see him on Robben Island.”

News agencies then scrambled to find confirmation that the arrest took place, and could find nothing. 

Which then resulted in this statement from his communications director:

“He took a trip with a [congressional delegation] in the 70s. He was separated from the [Congressional Black Caucus] members he was traveling with at the airport, when he landed,” Kate Bedingfield, Mr. Biden’s communications director, told reporters on Wednesday.

“When making that remark, he was talking about his long record fighting apartheid; he was one of the leading voices in the United States Senate in the 80s.”

However, Ms. Bedingfield could not justify Mr. Biden’s use of the word “arrest” or a coda he added to the story, in which Mandela personally thanked him over the incident.

One of the main concerns about Biden as the 2020 Democratic candidate is that he is an unpredictable gaffe machine, and that he will ultimately sabotage his own campaign. 

To be really effective, Democrats need a candidate who is a reliable truth teller in order to offer a strong contrast against Trump and his never ending flood of lies. 

If Trump can point the finger back at our candidate for their fabrications that undermines that line of attack. 

I just don’t think that Joe Biden is the man for the job.