Read the Twitter feed up above to get a first-hand perspective on what went down.

Here is how it was reported by CBS News:

The Biden bus has also been closely followed by Trump supporters while on the road, though Texas Democrats insist their presence didn’t affect their decision to call off the downtown Austin rally.

A representative with the Travis County Democrats said it’s the same people looking to disrupt events and it’s been happening all throughout the country. Including in Houston’s Missouri City earlier this week. That’s where Trump supporters showed up with a hearse that read “vote like your life depends on it.”

In Pflugerville, Texas House Representative Sheryl Cole tweeted the Biden bus was supposed to make a stop there with the Austin Young Democrats but she wrote they, too, had to cancel–but due to security reasons.

“Pro-Trump Protesters have escalated well beyond safe limits,” she posted.

She quoted a tweet from Texas House Rep Rafael Anchía, who claimed “Armed Trump trolls harassing Biden Bus on I-35, ramming volunteer vehicles & blocking traffic for 40 mins.”

I think the Biden campaign does not want to give these thugs the satisfaction of knowing that their aggression got this event canceled but we know that Joe Biden would not allow people to be put in danger just to hold a campaign event. 

Keep in mind that this is several days out from election day.

Just imagine how much worse all of this will be on November 3rd. 

However these tactics may have worked for the Nazis in Germany, but goddamnit they will not work in the United States of America!