Makes sense.

Courtesy of Axios

Joe Biden’s team is considering an informal ban on naming Democratic U.S. senators to the Cabinet if he wins — which would effectively block Elizabeth Warren for Treasury or Bernie Sanders for Labor — people familiar with the discussions tell Axios.

Biden, if he wins, is bracing for bruising legislative battles on day one, starting with the next phase of coronavirus relief. Many advisers don’t think he can afford to lose a single vote in the Senate if Democrats hold a slim majority.

Biden himself hasn’t made a decision on a potential Senate ban, with his efforts focused on winning on Tuesday, the sources say.

An informal ban could also be an elegant way of tamping down campaigns to place progressive senators in top Cabinet roles by reminding the movement of the priority around enacting legislation.

Warren and Sanders both come from an unusual construct — blue states with Republican governors who’d be empowered to fill vacancies.

I, like a lot of you I’m sure, love the idea of having Elizabeth Warren and a few other smart Senators join the Biden administration. 

Especially when it is time to repair our broken economy. 

However, this article is right that Biden will need every Senator he can get to help him push through important legislation starting at day one. 

Besides I am sure that neither Warren nor Sanders will allow working from the sidelines to quiet their voices one little bit.