Courtesy of NYT:

Beto O’Rourke, the 46-year-old former Texas congressman whose near-miss Senate run last year propelled him to Democratic stardom, announced on Thursday that he was running for president, betting that voters will prize his message of national unity and generational change in a 20202 primary teeming with committed progressives.

His decision jolts an early election season already stuffed with contenders, adding to the mix a relentless campaigner with a small-dollar fund-raising army, the performative instincts of a former punk rocker and a pro-immigrant vision to counteract President Trump’s.

Yet Mr. O’Rourke also comes to the 2020 race with few notable legislative accomplishments after three terms in the House representing El Paso. And in a primary so far defined by big-ticket policy ideas, like the economic agendas of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Mr. O’Rourke enters without a signature proposal that might serve as the ideological anchor of his bid.

“This moment of peril produces perhaps the greatest moment of promise for this country and for everyone inside it,’’ Mr. O’Rourke said in a video announcing his candidacy, released hours before a planned three-day tour of Iowa was set to begin on Thursday morning.

Well, folks, this is really going to change the dynamic of the Democratic primary. 

O’Rourke is a kind of Democratic wunderkind and his entrance is going to suck a whole lot of oxygen out of newsrooms all over the country who will be unable to focus on other candidates besides him, at least for a while. 

And if Joe Biden jumps in, which is widely believed to be happening soon, I am not sure any other candidates will be able to get media coverage for quite some time. 

I really think it would be unfortunate if in the 2020 Democratic primary the race came down to two white male candidates, but that could be exactly how this thing plays out.