And that pretty much ties up the youth vote. 

Courtesy of Newsweek:

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont vowed to legalize marijuana nationally and expunge the criminal records of those convicted for possession of the drug at a rally near Dallas, Texas on Friday night.

Sanders made the remarks while speaking about criminal justice reform during the event held at the 5,500-capacity Mesquite Arena. The campaign stop was the third of the day for the busy Sanders, the first two having been held in North Carolina.

“By executive order, I can and will legalize marijuana in every state in this country,” Sanders told the crowd. “We will expunge the records of those arrested for possession of marijuana.”

Sanders promised to “end the so-called war on drugs” to a cheering crowd, while also tackling other issues related to prisons and incarceration.

“It is not acceptable to me that we have more people in jail in America than any other country on earth including China, [with a population] four times our size,” said Sanders.

“We are going to end private prisons and detention centers,” he added. “Corporations should not be making millions of dollars in profit for locking up fellow Americans.”

Sanders has been lagging behind with the African American vote, but this is the kind of thing that might drive black voters to the polls in support, especially since black Americans overwhelmingly make up the largest number of those incarcerated for pot related crimes. 

And messages like this seem to be working. 

Even in Texas.

Courtesy of US News

Support for Sen. Bernie Sanders surged among Texas Democrats, landing him ahead of his opponents for the presidential nomination in a new poll.

A poll released Friday by the University of Texas and The Texas Tribune found that the senator from Vermont received 24% of the vote from Democratic primary voters in Texas, a 12-point jump from a similar survey in October.

Yeah I am gobsmacked. 

I would have bet big money that the more conservative Democrats in Texas would not be able to warm up to an elderly self-identified Socialist from Vermont.

It just goes to show that all bets are off in this election cycle. 

Currently Bernie Sanders is the leader in the race for the Democratic nomination, and he should to be afforded the respect that such an accomplishment deserves.