There is not a lot, but there are a few.

Courtesy of the CS Monitor:

From Argentina to Zimbabwe, from the Vatican to the White House, the coronavirus has spread. It’s been confirmed on every continent but one and in nearly every country. Yet a few places have yet to report even a single case of infection. Some have been genuinely spared so far, while others may be hiding the truth.

The largest cluster of countries without the coronavirus is in the South Pacific. Tonga, Kiribati, Samoa, Micronesia, and Tuvalu are among the small island nations yet to report a single case. They haven’t been spared from the pandemic’s effects, however.

Tonga managed to keep the virus out by stopping cruise ships from docking and closing the airport in March, says Paula Taumoepeau, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He says the government even imposed a lockdown, even though there were no known cases. These days, only people who have first tested negative are allowed into the country on occasional repatriation flights. He says he finds it hard to believe the confirmed death toll in the United States alone exceeds twice his entire nation’s population of just over 100,000.

“I think the government has done a good job keeping COVID away from Tonga, but it has had a big impact on businesses, especially tourism and accommodation. It’s very, very bad,” Mr. Taumoepeau says. “None of the businesses have escaped.”

The Antarctic is another place that has stayed Coronavirus free, for fairly obvious reasons, and North Korea also claims to have remained untouched, but nobody believes Kim Jong Un. 

My point in sharing this is that it was not impossible for some places to take the necessary steps to protect their people, or to dramatically minimize the virus’s impact on their communities.

I put Alaska in the category of a place that could have locked down and implemented aggressive guidelines that would have left us relatively untouched. 

It drives me nuts that people did not listen to the scientists at the outset and did not do what was needed to keep our people safe. 

And now we are all stuck in the middle of an infestation that is growing worse by the day.