Was this like a final “fuck you” to the state of Kentucky for voting him out of office?

Courtesy of NPR:

Bevin, a Republican who narrowly lost a bid for a second term last month, issued pardons to hundreds of people, including convicted rapists, murderers and drug offenders.

In one case, Bevin pardoned a man convicted of homicide. That man’s family raised more than $20,000 at a political fundraiser to help Bevin pay off a debt owed from his 2015 gubernatorial campaign.

In all, the former governor signed off on 428 pardons and commutations since his loss to Democrat Andy Beshear, according to The Courier-Journal. The paper notes, “The beneficiaries include one offender convicted of raping a child, another who hired a hit man to kill his business partner and a third who killed his parents.”

One of the people pardoned literally cut a woman’s head off and placed it in a barrel along with her body for disposal. 

Bevin’s actions have horrified many people in Kentucky, including some prominent GOP politicians. 

Courtesy of Fox News:

Senate President Robert Stivers, a Republican, condemned Bevin’s actions as “a travesty and perversion of justice” and called on the U.S. attorney in Kentucky to investigate. Democratic lawmakers called on Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron to appoint a special prosecutor or a bipartisan team to investigate some of the ex-governor’s pardons. Cameron, a Republican, takes office next week.

The pardons also drew a rebuke from Kentucky’s most powerful Republican, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“Honestly, I don’t approve,” McConnell told reporters Friday at the Kentucky Capitol. “It seems to me it was completely inappropriate.”

Commonwealth’s Attorney Jackie Steele — also a Republican — said it would be an “understatement to say I am aggrieved” by the pardons. He noted that in the Baker case, Bevin did not pardon Baker’s co-conspirators in the robbery and homicide. Steele said he believes Baker was pardoned because of the money his family had donated to Bevin.

Judge David Williams, who sentenced Baker in 2017, told the Courier-Journal that, in his 30 years of practice, “I’ve never seen a more compelling or complete case… The evidence was just overwhelming.”

Man, I wonder how the people who voted for Matt Bevin feel about his crazy ass now?