Batman comes to help rescue Alaska salmon.

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That’s the Michael Keaton version of Batman for the non-comic movie geeks among you.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

Keaton, who has been a champion of environmental causes since the 1970s, accepted an invite from friend Guido Rahr, president and CEO of the organization, to speak on behalf of the fish that are under threat due to a mining development in Bristol Bay, Alaska, particularly the controversial Pebble Mine that could harm the salmon’s largest remaining spawning ground.

President Donald Trump’s administration has cleared the way for construction of the mine, something that doesn’t sit well with Keaton. “If you ruin this particular area, you demolish the entire population,” Keaton explains of the situation, which he refers to as a micro example of his macro environmental concerns. “Something like 60 million salmon every year pass through this area. Eventually these [mines] will leak and affect the fish. As a 35-plus-year fly fisherman, yeah, I care, but more than that, inevitably in these situations, it’s the people who suffer the most because it hurts the local economy, it hurts jobs, it hurts tourism. It’s not like the administration doesn’t care — they are actively trying to do things to destroy, dismantle and remove this [bay].”

Per The New York Times, the 40,000-square-mile Bristol Bay supports 14,000 jobs and generates $1.5 million annually in sales. Keaton suggests those who wish to join the fight donate to the Wild Salmon Center.

Particularly upsetting to Keaton is the administration’s “disregard for science, climate change” and the water debacle in Flint, Michigan. “This is unbelievably selfish and disrespectful. It’s a slap in the fucking face and unconscionable. We are watching a B-minus version of a villainous administration right in front of our eyes — with bad acting. There is something sick and demented about this.”

Alaskans have been fighting this Pebble Mine for over a decade now, and if it helps to send up the bat signal then I am all for sending up the bat signal. 

We thought we won this fight back when Barack Obama was leading the country, only to have the Pebble Mine corpse reanimated by the Trump Administration. 

I have a great deal of respect for Michael Keaton and I hope his assistance in this area will help to publicize the cause and perhaps loosen a few purse strings as well. 

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  1. Anon May 25, 2019 at 7:16 am

    Republicans think the earth is separate from man, and at mans service.


  2. anonymous May 25, 2019 at 8:05 am


    “he always cuming, never arrived “Infrastructure Week” has become a running joke, a totem of the Trump Administration’s utter incompetence when it comes to actual governance and policy.”
    “Some of Trump’s most notable properties stand as glistening reminders of just how ill-equipped he is to wield any kind of authority whatsoever.”
    “Infrastructure spending is of the utmost importance in the United States right now. And for that reason, Democrats should do everything in their power to keep Donald Trump’s tiny little hands off of it.”
    “These public-private partnerships are adored by conservatives, ever eager to prioritize the free market over the public good.”
    “Everything we know about Donald Trump suggests that he is incapable of doing anything that isn’t simultaneously glamorous and half-a$$ed, including and especially when it comes to construction.”

  3. TRIPPIN May 25, 2019 at 9:07 am

    OT?’He will not go to sleep’>” An event the previous day was supposed to focus on relief for farmers who have been hurt by tariffs, but it quickly devolved into a venting session for Trump, who called the Democratic House speaker “crazy” and said Democrats were trying to inflict a “thousand stabs” on him.
    “Keep stabbing,” he said in the Roosevelt Room, while surrounded by farmers in cowboy hats.”

    “During international flights, Trump typically remains in the front cabin. He does four things, the current and former aides said: eats, watches television or reads newspapers, talks with staff and calls friends and allies back home as he zips away into foreign skies.
    Trump will spend hours reviewing cable news coverage recorded on a TiVo-like device or sifting through cardboard boxes of newspapers and magazines that have been lugged aboard. He’ll summon sleeping staffers to his office at moments the rest of the plane is dark, impatient to discuss his upcoming meetings or devise a response to something he saw in the media.”

    “Far preferable for Trump are the state visits bestowed by politicians hoping to fete a president susceptible to flattery.
    That will be the order of the day in Tokyo this weekend, when Trump is paying the first state visit after the ascension of a new emperor. And it will repeat itself the following week when he travels to London for a long-delayed state visit at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth.
    Trump has viewed both as a special privilege, according to administration officials, though Japanese officials and analysts said any US president would likely have been afforded Emperor Naruhito’s inaugural state visit given the importance of Japan’s relationship with the United States.”

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