Barack Obama surprises some DC kids attending a local after school program.

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Courtesy of WaPo:

Surprise, kiddos, it’s former president Barack Obama!

The onetime commander in chief shocked local students attending after-school programs at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy in Southeast D.C. on Wednesday when he dropped by for a visit, during which he played softball (he hit a double on the first pitch, despite claiming his game was “raggedy”), tossed a football around and shared some encouraging words.

“If you work hard and listen to your coaches . . . I’m going be on the lookout for you,” Obama said. “You’re going to do something important. You’re going to make a real difference, and we’re going to be proud of you.”

The facility, which is affiliated with the city’s baseball team, provides academic support and baseball and softball for D.C. kids. Obama’s post-White House schedule has been a busy one — in addition to writing his memoir (and so far staying mostly out of the 2020 primary), he’s visited with D.C. kids at McKinley Technology High School and the Jelleff Boys & Girls Club.

Tal Alter, the academy’s executive director, said the former president’s visit was a “validation” of the kids’ efforts. “There was a feeling of excitement and happiness to be seen and recognized by President Obama, and to feel like he’s acknowledging the hard work they’ve put in on and off the field,” he said.

The highlight-reel moment? For Alter, it was when the former president threw a pass for a touchdown during a game of touch football, and the kids went wild — not for Obama, but for their fellow student who caught it. “That for me is an indication that the staff is doing something right, that they celebrated the young man and not the president,” he said.

Damn this man is good with kids. 

I thought I was good, but Barack Obama is on a whole other level. 

I am so tired of posting about the current occupant of the White House that I can barely stand it.

So having the opportunity to share some positive news featuring one of America’s very best presidents is a welcome respite. 

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  1. anon May 25, 2019 at 6:55 am

    Bigots and Snowflakes: Living in a World Where Everyone Else is Wrong. Over the course of the semester, I had the opportunity to hear from several students about their experiences in other classes.

  2. Anon May 25, 2019 at 7:11 am

    Barron wishes he had a dad like this, who doesn’t live life from a lens of criticism.

    Also too, Barron would do anything to be half black.

  3. aNOn May 25, 2019 at 7:49 am

    “Mark Beschloss told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that if President Donald Trump were to be defeated for a second term in 2020, it would likely be viewed by history as functionally equivalent to if he had been impeached and removed from office. ” “if Donald Trump tries to expand power and Congress doesn’t say this is something we have to blow the whistle on, we’ve got to restore the balance of power between the Congress and the presidency, then we’re really in danger of losing our democracy, and future presidents will say, ‘Donald Trump got away with everything and he didn’t even get impeached, so will I,’””

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