Courtesy of NYT:

Former President Barack Obama threw his support behind the efforts of peaceful protesters demanding police reforms during his first on-camera remarks since a wave of protests over the killing of George Floyd convulsed the country and upended the 2020 election.

Mr. Obama, offering a strikingly more upbeat assessment of the protesters than President Trump and White House officials, said he believed only a “tiny” percentage had acted violently.

“For those who have been talking about protest, just remember that this country was founded on protest — it is called the American Revolution,” Mr. Obama said from his home in Washington. He made the comments during an online round-table event with his former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. and activists from Minneapolis sponsored by My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, a nonprofit group Mr. Obama founded.

“Every step of progress in this country, every expansion of freedom, every expression of our deepest ideals have been won through efforts that made the status quo uncomfortable,” said Mr. Obama, who adopted a conciliatory tone that contrasted sharply with Mr. Trump’s tweets and public remarks. “And we should all be thankful for folks who are willing, in a peaceful, disciplined way, to be out there making a difference.”

Mr. Obama called on every mayor in the United States to review use-of-force policies and to aggressively pursue an eight-point slate of police reforms that include mandatory de-escalation of conflicts, a ban on shooting at moving vehicles, timely reporting of violent incidents, and prohibitions on some forms of restraint used by the police.

“Chokeholds and strangleholds, that’s not what we do,” Mr. Obama said as he sat, tieless in blue shirt sleeves, in front of a bookcase.

He said officials in New York City and Chicago had already agreed to adopt the measures. Other localities, including Atlanta, quickly followed suit.

Mr. Obama also said that the “vast majority” of police officers, in his view, were not violent, and predicted many would ultimately support reforms despite the opposition of some unions.

Finally! We hear from a real leader. 

Obama also had this to say toward the end of his remarks:

“We should be fighting to make sure that we have a president, a Congress, a U.S. Justice Department, and a federal judiciary that actually recognize the ongoing, corrosive role that racism plays in our society and want to do something about it,”

Let me translate that for you, “We need some more fucking Democrats!”

The Republicans have completely abandoned the moral high ground and last vestiges of integrity with their support of Donald Trump, and they can no longer be trusted to run a gas station much less any local, state, or federal governments.  

If we are going to fix what is broken, the first thing we do is vote our hearts out for Joe Bide, and then we vote to surround him with Democrats in the Senate and Congress who will implement his policies. 

We owe a second chance to our country, to ourselves, and yes dammit to Barack Obama, who trusted us to maintain the optimism and hope that he had promoted for eight years, and which we have allowed to fall into ruin.