Predictably Trump could not let that stand and he took to Twitter to deny the facts.

Jesus!! How stupid does this asshole think we all are?

We are not the knuckle draggers at his neo-Nazi rallies, we are intelligent reality-based human beings. 

It will never stop pissing me off that Trump’s only real campaign talking point is bragging about the economy that President Obama saved from disaster during his first year in office. 

Everybody knows that Republicans trash economies and then wait for Democrats to rebuild them from the ashes so that they can trash them once again. 

It is a never-ending cycle, and if Trump wins a second term he will certainly continue in that tradition because he does not know how to do anything else. 

Barack Obama was the hero who made the hard choices that rescued America’s future, while Republicans attacked him relentlessly every step of the way. 

Never forget that.