Courtesy of NBC News:

Former President Barack Obama is making use of his large social media platforms to address the coronavirus crisis and posting like never before since leaving the presidency.

Obama, who has remained mum on many of the biggest issues to arise during President Donald Trump’s time in office, is now routinely posting messages to Twitter — and cross-posting some to his Facebook following — promoting safety measures, explaining the reasoning behind strong new restrictions to combat the virus, and sharing stories he finds inspiring of individuals and organizations taking action during the crisis.

Over the past two weeks, the former president has posted to Twitter on the outbreak more than a dozen times, with posts ranging from thanking NBA players and executives for “setting a good example during a challenging time” to highlighting an explanation for why large gatherings and other events needed to be canceled.

A source close to the former president said Obama wants to be sharing “public health messages that people need to be seeing and hearing and understanding” at this time.

“First and foremost, his priority has been to push out important public health messages that he feels people need to learn and understand because this is a complicated issue and a lot of the science is counterintuitive,” this person said. “So he wants to make sure people have access to good information.”

The source added that Obama also “wants to help lift up people who are doing good work in this time of crisis, whether that is individuals or organizations or health care workers or just everyday Americans doing extraordinary work.” Obama believes “those are inspiring stories to share and hopefully will inspire others to follow suit,” the source added.

Tweets and retweets from Obama are like injections of comfort in the otherwise dystopian reality that we are all forced to live through right now.