Courtesy of The Independent

Former president Barack Obama has mocked Donald Trump for walking out of a 60 Minutes interview, saying his failure to explain what he wanted to do in a second term meant he didn’t deserve one.

On Tuesday Mr. Trump abruptly ended an interview with veteran journalist Lesley Stahl, accusing her of “bias, hatred and rudeness”. He pre-emptively released a White House recording of the interview, which showed Stahl asking him if he was prepared for some “tough questions” and him responding: “I’m not looking for that, I’m looking for fairness”.

Speaking at a drive-in rally in Miami as attendees hooted their horns in approval, Mr. Obama said: “It’s a good idea of you’re running for re-election to say, here’s what I want to accomplish. What did Trump say? He got mad and walked out of the interview. The questions were too tough. Too tough?

“Miami, listen, if he can’t answer a question like, what would you like to do in your second term, then it’s our job to make sure he doesn’t get a second term.”

And stressing that Joe Biden, his former vice president for eight years, is genuinely tough while Mr. Trump only plays tough, he said: “If you have to walk out of a 60 Minutes interview, you’re not going to stand up to a dictator.”

“Joe Biden is tough, something you can’t really say about this president. He likes to act tough and talk tough – he thinks scowling and being mean is tough and being rude is tough. But when 60 Minutes and Lesley Stahl are too tough for you, you ain’t all that tough.

“If you’ve got to walk out of a 60 Minutes interview, then you’re never going to stand. up to a dictator. If you’re spending all your time complaining about how mean reporters are to you, you’re not going to stand up to Putin.”

I love this!

I could literally listen to Barack Obama mock Donald Trump all day long on a loop and it would soothe my soul. 

I am hoping that during the next week Obama just keeps doing this over and over until Trump is reduced to a babbling moron screaming at his Justice Department to please rescue him by putting somebody in jail. 

Oh wait, that already happened, didn’t it?