Barack Obama/Joe Biden buddy mystery book. Just in time for our summer reading list.

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Here is the book that we never knew we just had to read.

Courtesy of Amazon:

Vice President Joe Biden is fresh out of the Obama White House and feeling adrift when his favorite railroad conductor dies in a suspicious accident, leaving behind an ailing wife and a trail of clues. To unravel the mystery, “Amtrak Joe” re-teams with the only man he’s ever fully trusted–the 44th president of the United States. Together they’ll plumb the darkest corners of Delaware, traveling from cheap motels to biker bars and beyond, as they uncover the sinister forces advancing America’s opioid epidemic.

Part noir thriller and part bromance novel, Hope Never Dies is essentially the first published work of Obama/Biden fanfiction–and a cathartic read for anyone distressed by the current state of affairs.

You know it seems really silly, but then again doesn’t silly sound really good right about now?

I am not sure whether it is reading it that appeals to me, or simply having people ask me what the hell I’m reading that tickles my fancy. 

About the Author:

This blog is dedicated to finding the truth, exposing the lies, and holding our politicians and leaders accountable when they fall far short of the promises that they have made to both my fellow Alaskans and the American people.


  1. anonymous June 17, 2018 at 6:58 am


    ““Democrats can fix their forced family breakup at the Border by working with Republicans on new legislation, for a change! This is why we need more Republicans elected in November.””

    “t babies were taken from mothers while they were breast feeding ”

    ““I know children are being marched away to showers, marched away to showers​, being told they are—just like the Nazis said that they were taking people to the showers and then they never came back,”

    “You think they would use another trick like hey, got a slurpee room over there we’re going to take them to get a slurpee,” “That would be better than we’re marching them to the showers and we’ll be right back and they never come back.””


  2. anonymous June 17, 2018 at 7:10 am

    “While their goal is to see people of their generation become motivated, informed voters, they say they don’t plan to try to influence how the newly registered voters will cast their ballots. The tour will not endorse any candidates.”

  3. anonymous June 17, 2018 at 7:20 am

    “the Jews.”-“‘If we don’t change the narrative Mankind will cease to exist by October 12th, 2050. This is not a prophecy or prediction but a mathematical certainty.’”
    ” Democratic National Committee v. The Russian Federation et al has been virtually overrun with dozens of filings by two conspiracy theorists, one who believes Trump-Russia is in the center of a conspiracy that resulted in the bank repossession of his home, and the other a New Orleans man warning that the U.S. government let loose a chemical weapon during Hurricane Katrina.”

    “Available on the web for 10 cents a page, federal court dockets in newsworthy cases, like those linked to Russiagate, are followed slavishly by hundreds if not thousands of journalists and devotees of law.”

  4. Beaglemom June 17, 2018 at 7:51 am

    Keep reading. It will be our salvation. Here, in Michigan, the social studies curriculum (K through12) is about to be drastically limited (no talk of democratic values, no talk of resistance as in the underground railroad, women’s suffrage, no talk of the civil rights movement, and on and on. All of this is happening in a state totally controlled by the GOP. And then there are the children, kidnapped from their parents and taken away where no one is allowed to touch them (including babies and toddlers) or comfort them. I don’t think they are receiving any education at all. They’re being held hostage for Trump’s wall and suffering irreparable damage in the meantime. The GOP wants to drastically cut funding for public libraries. Keep reading. It will be our salvation.

    • Anonymous June 25, 2018 at 3:24 pm

      But then, people will buy more books on amazon. I thought Trump hated Jeff Bezos.

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