Courtesy of Global News

Obama said looking back on his presidency, a key moment was when Republican presidential candidate John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, calling it a moment when “mainstream Republicans lost control of their party.”

The party had incorporated strains of nativism and populism into its electoral strategy, he said, but “Sarah Palin’s nomination suddenly brought that populist energy to the fore in the Republican Party and helped pave the way for President Trump’s presidency.”

This was said in an interview with Obama in Canada a day or two ago.

I think it’s significant because I believe it is the first time that Obama has identified that moment in 2008 as the tipping point for the GOP. 

Of course, others have been identifying Sarah Palin is the catalyst for the end times for quite a while, and I started saying right after McCain lost the election, but Obama has remained relatively quiet on this topic. 

So now I think we can say with absolute certainty that without Sarah Palin we would never have had a Donald Trump. 

You might be wondering how Palin feels about this but she is really too busy firing guns out of front doors in Texas to respond. 

Once again for uninitiated Sarah Palin really does not know shit about guns, and this is just performance art for Instagram.