Glad to see both of the Obamas coming out swinging. 

Courtesy of Politico:

Former President Barack Obama condemned President Donald Trump in a new interview over his efforts to “actively kneecap” the United States Postal Service in order to frustrate mail-in voting ahead of the November election — casting the maneuvers by his White House successor as “unique to modern political history.”

The criticism from Obama came in response to Trump’s admission Thursday that he opposes additional funding for the federal agency and election security grants because those provisions would help facilitate voting by mail amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

“What we’ve never seen before is a president say, ‘I’m going to try to actively kneecap the Postal Service to [discourage] voting, and I will be explicit about the reason I’m doing it.’ That’s sort of unheard of,” Obama told David Plouffe, his 2008 campaign manager and longtime adviser, in an interview on Cadence13’s Campaign HQ podcast released Friday.


On Friday, Obama admonished Republican lawmakers and argued that the Postal Service “is not simply a delivery system for mail-in ballots,” but also “sends out critical benefits” and acts as a “lifeline” for senior citizens and those who cannot afford the fees charged by delivery services companies.

“What are Republicans doing where you are so scared of people voting, that you are now willing to undermine what is part of the basic infrastructure of American life?” he said, adding that “there have to be some basic shared assumptions that bind us together. And one of those is that we don’t actively hurt people or undermine key parts of our lives just for partisan advantage.”

I think the American people need to hear from Barack and Michelle Obama as often as possible in the next months leading up to the election. 

And I do not want either of them to feel restrained in their criticisms by etiquette or some sense of decorum. 

We are in a fight for the very survival of the country. 

This is not a time to hold to the Queensberry rules of fighting. 

This is the time for dick punching, biting, and eye-gouging. 

After all, has anybody ever seen the Republicans fight fair?