Oh, he’s splitting with his wife as well. 

Courtesy of The Guardian:

The American author of a bestselling Christian guide to relationships for young people has announced that his marriage is over and he has lost his faith.

Joshua Harris, whose biblical guide to relationships I Kissed Dating Goodbye sold nearly 1m copies around the world after it was published in 1997, has also apologized to LGBT+ people for contributing to a “culture of exclusion and bigotry”.

In his book, Harris, a former pastor at a US megachurch, urged young Christians to reject dating for “courtship” under the guidance of parents and observing sexual abstinence. Young couples should not kiss, hold hands or spend time alone together before marriage, he said. Dating was spiritually unhealthy and a “training ground for divorce”, the book argued.

The book, written by Harris when he was 21, was widely circulated within evangelical Christian youth groups, helping to promote a “purity culture” and vows to preserve virginity until marriage.

Harris later became a senior pastor in the Covenant Life church in Gaithersburg, Maryland, which he left in 2015. The church had been accused of covering up allegations of child sexual abuse by failing to report the claims to police.

Harris later disavowed his book, apologized to the LGBTQ community, and left his faith and his wife behind. 

I am guessing that this book by Harris was only a bestseller because Christian parents were buying them by the truckload to give to their kids in order to scare them away from sex. 

I mean abstinence is one thing, but no kissing or handholding is just fucking mean. 

I have to wonder at this point if Mr. Harris was not doing more than simply covering up the sex abuse going on in his church.  

He sounds like a tightly wound person who may have feared his own impulses and projected that fear onto other people.