Just one on a long list of lawsuits that Trump is trying to put on hold.

Courtesy of CBS News:

Lawyers for a woman who has accused President Trump of raping her in the 1990s told a court Tuesday he’s trying “to stop the truth from ever coming out” by attempting to delay her defamation lawsuit and her effort to get his DNA.

Mr. Trump’s attorneys have asked a court to put writer E. Jean Carroll’s defamation case on hold until New York’s highest court rules – in a different suit – on whether the incumbent president can be sued in state courts.

Mr. Trump denies Carroll’s allegation. She’s suing him for saying she lied.

“Mr. Trump, for his part, has done everything he can to stop the truth from ever coming out,” Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, said Tuesday in court papers.

She argued there’s no justification for waiting months for a decision in the other suit, a somewhat similar defamation claim filed by former “Apprentice” contestant Summer Zervos.

A request for comment was sent to Mr. Trump’s lawyers.

As I mentioned earlier this month the outcome that Trump is hoping for is that he will be found immune from lawsuits until after he leaves office. 

That does not seem likely, or at least it didn’t until we learned just how aggressively Bill Bar has been interfering with these cases in New York. 

Perhaps Anonoymous or some other digruntled White House employee can smuggle out one of Trump’s diet soda cans or weed whack off a tuft of that insane hair on his head and send that to E. Jean Carroll’s lawyers. 

Then this case could move forward and Trump would be left with no other option than to just sit and tweet about how unscientific DNA testing can be. 

Or maybe Hope Hicks could be convinced to help.

After all she must have dozens of Donald Trump sperm stains on her clothes, right?