Courtesy of the Post-Gazette

Attorney General William Barr will self-quarantine out of caution after President Donald Trump and several other lawmakers and aides tested positive for the coronavirus.

Justice Department spokesperson Kerri Kupec said Sunday that Mr. Barr has had four COVID-19 tests since Friday and that all four have come back negative. She said he will self-quarantine for several days out of an abundance of caution.

Mr. Barr attended one meeting at Justice Department headquarters Friday and stayed home during the weekend, except to be tested. He plans to remain home for several days.

Mr. Barr attended the White House event for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett last weekend and was seen on video having a conversation with former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, who has tested positive for the virus. Neither was wearing a mask.

There are those who are convinced that Barr would not be in self-quarantine if he were not already testing positive. 

I don’t know about that, but I do know that Barr is certainly in the risky demographic for this virus and that if he catches it his chances of survival are probably less than 50/50.

The Coronavirus almost seems to be holding a grudge against those in the Trump Administration.