Toldja so.

Courtesy of ABC News

State health officials in Wisconsin said Tuesday that 19 people who have either voted in-person or worked at a polling site on election day have so far tested positive for COVID-19 after April 9, two days after the spring election, underscoring the risks of forging ahead with an in-person voting during the height of the widespread and deadly public health crisis.

But a department spokesperson told ABC News that several of those people “reported other possible exposures as well.” Officials are hesitant to link the new cases of the coronavirus directly to the election.

So how many can be linked directly to the in-person voting?

Well, that would be this many:

“As of today, we have identified seven individuals that contracted — at least it appears — COVID-19 through election-related activities, whether they had showed up to vote at one of the polling sites in the city of Milwaukee or they worked at one of the polling sites,” Dr. Jeanette Kowalik, the city health commissioner, said Monday during a briefing today with city leaders on the virus.

Six of the seven cases involve voters, while one is a Milwaukee poll worker who tested positive for the virus, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Keep in mind that these are only the cases that we know about and if the past is prologue that means there may be dozens if not hundreds of cases not yet identified. 

So, can we please have a national plan for mail-in voting now?