It just keeps getting worse and worse.

Courtesy of the New York Post:

President Trump cracked jokes about the Equinox scandal, the old days of rent-controlled New York and his dealings with North and South Korea among deep-pocketed pals in the Hamptons on Friday.

Trump was feted at two big-money fundraisers — first a lunch for 60 hosted by real estate guru Stephen Ross, whose company owns Equinox and Soul Cycle. Then Trump talked for an hour to a crowd of 500 at the sprawling Bridgehampton home of developer Joe Farrell. The two events raised a total of $12 million.

Trump made light of the backlash from Equinox members by saying “Welcome to the world of politics” to owner Stephen Ross.

Trump then moved on to mocking American allies South Korea and Japan, while also slobbering all of Kim Jong Un’s chubby ass. 

Trump kept returning to hit back at the “fake news” media attacks on him, saying of claims from the Democrats that he is a racist, “That is the only ammunition they have.”

Trump also made fun of US allies South Korea, Japan and the European Union — mimicking Japanese and Korean accents — and talked about his love of dictators Kim Jong Un and the current ruler of Saudi Arabia.

He started by saying how the EU had not paid its share to NATO and he insisted it does so.

Talking about South Korea, Trump said it makes great TVs and has a thriving economy, “So why are we paying for their defense. They’ve got to pay.” He then mimicked the accent of the leader Moon Jae-in while describing how he caved in to Trump’s tough negotiations.

On his remarkable friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, “I just got a beautiful letter from him this week. We are friends. People say he only smiles when he sees me.

“If I hadn’t been elected president we would be in a big fat juicy war with North Korea. “

Turning to Japan, Trump then put on a fake Japanese accent to recount his conversations with Shinzo Abe over their conversations over trade tariffs.

Perhaps the worst part of this is that reports say Trump received 12 million in donations from these assholes. 

Which means that there are still plenty of wealthy closet racists, misogynists, and xenophobes willing to throw money at their guy. 

Just so long as Joaquin Castro does not out them to thier employees, friends, and families that is. 

Just for the record I want to say that this, this is not my president.

I voted for that smart lady who warned us about this guy. 

This is the guy who the racists, elementary school dropouts, Russians, and bitchy little incels believed should be president. 

Every fucking day this POS embarrasses my country and I am just fucking sick and tired of it.

Somebody needs to build a fire under this impeachment process and get this guy gone already.