As Trump Administration ramps up for war senior British military official refutes idea that there is an increased threat from Iran.

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It is hard to sleep with all of these flashbacks to the beginning of the Iraq war.

Courtesy of NYT:

As the Trump administration draws up war plans against Iran over what it says are threats to American troops and interests, a senior British military official told reporters at the Pentagon on Tuesday that he saw no increased risk from Iran or allied militias in Iraq or Syria.

A few hours later, the United States Central Command issued an unusual rebuke: The remarks from the British official — Maj. Gen. Chris Ghika, who is also the deputy commander of the American-led coalition fighting the Islamic State — run “counter to the identified credible threats available to intelligence from U.S. and allies regarding Iranian-backed forces in the region.”

The rare public dispute highlights a central problem for the Trump administration as it seeks to rally allies and global opinion against Iran. On Wednesday, the State Department ordered partial evacuations of the American embassy and a consulate in Iraq, despite skepticism from Iraqi officials over American intelligence showing a heightened risk.

“We are aware of their presence clearly and we monitor them along with a whole range of others because of the environment we are in,” General Ghika said.

But he said, “No, there has been no increased threat from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq or Syria.”

This is EXACTLY what was happening in the buildup to the Iraq War.

Other countries were telling us repeatedly that they were not seeing the supposed proof that the Bush Administration insisted was there that Saddam Hussein was working on a nuclear weapons program. 

And when they did that they were attacked in the most childish ways.

Anybody remember when we were supposed to call French fries “Freedom fries?”

People did not want to believe that their government would lie right to their faces, and that reticence cost us thousands of American lives. 

Here we are again, this time we KNOW our government is chock full of liars, so what do we do differently this time?

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  1. Anon May 15, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    I just feel sick over this. I’m not just saying that, I literally feel sick about it. I’m the same age as you, Gryph, and I had the same feeling with the war in Afghanistan, and the war in Iraq.

    • Anon May 15, 2019 at 9:44 pm

      Church and state are essentially one under trump. They don’t care about destruction because they have this idea of salvation elsewhere.

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