If you did not see thins coming you are blind, stupid, and probably a Trump supporter.

Courtesy of Vox:

One month ago, I asked epidemiologist Tara Smith if she was worried about states loosening their stay-at-home orders, despite most not meeting the government’s criteria for doing so.

“I am really fearful that by June 1 or June 15, after we’ve seen a couple weeks to a month of [state reopenings], that our cases are going to be climbing,” said Smith, a professor at the Kent State University College of Public Health.

Well, here we are. It’s June 12, and Covid-19 hospitalizations are rising in Arizona, the Carolinas, Utah, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, and perhaps Florida. Those states are also seeing higher numbers of positive Covid-19 tests, as well as increases in the percentage of tests that come back positive. This indicates that the higher case counts aren’t simply due to more widespread testing finding milder cases.

Call it a reopening backfire. But really: No expert thought that reopening this quickly was going to work in the first place.

The resurgences of the virus have caused some recently reopened businesses to shut their doors again.

Courtesy Business Insider

Nightlife spots in some US cities have had to close after employees tested positive for the novel coronavirus as a rise in cases in several states raised concern for reopening plans.

Three bars in St. Petersburg, Florida are closing temporarily after some staff tested positive the Tampa Bay Times reported. None of the bars offered a timeline for when they might reopen as they sanitize the restaurants and test their employees, according to social media posts reported by the Times.

Similarly, nine bars and restaurants in and around Austin, Texas, and at least eight in the Phoenix, Arizona area announced they were temporarily closing after employees tested positive for COVID-19 in recent weeks.

The reports of shuttered nightlife spots in cities across the country come amid an alarming spike in new infections and hospitalizations due to the novel coronavirus as officials have aired their concerns with residents flocking to newly reopened public places without exercising caution that is still recommended by the CDC.

Speaking of officials, some of those health care officials have been chased out of their jobs. 

Courtesy of CNBC:

In the battle against COVID-19, public health workers spread across states, cities and small towns make up an invisible army on the front lines. But that army, which has suffered neglect for decades, is under assault when it’s needed most.

Officials who usually work behind the scenes managing tasks like immunizations and water quality inspections have found themselves center stage. Elected officials and members of the public who are frustrated with the lockdowns and safety restrictions have at times turned public health workers into politicized punching bags, battering them with countless angry calls and even physical threats.

On Thursday, Ohio’s state health director, who had armed protesters come to her house, resigned. The health officer for Orange County, California, quit Monday after weeks of criticism and personal threats from residents and other public officials over an order requiring face coverings in public.

As the pressure and scrutiny rise, many more health officials have chosen to leave or have been pushed out of their jobs. A review by Kaiser Health News and The Associated Press finds at least 27 state and local health leaders have resigned, retired or been fired since April across 13 states.

From North Carolina to California, they have left their posts because of a mix of backlash and stressful, nonstop work, all while dealing with chronic staffing and funding shortages.

So to sum up, the reopening of businesses while disregarding the guidance provided by the experts has resulted in a second wave of the pandemic, as many of those experts are now fleeing their jobs in response to the threats they received for providing that guidance. 

Did I just describe Trump’s America in a nutshell or what?

Is now a good time to mention that New Zealand just had their first publicly attended soccer match, during which more than 20,000 fans were able to enjoy the game without masks or fear of contracting the Coronavirus which has now been eradicated in their country?  (Link)

That is what could happen if your leaders are not a bunch of fucking morons.