I guess that helps to explain why Donald Trump likes them so much.

Courtesy of NBC News

In the hours after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos publicly accused the National Enquirer’s parent company of “extortion and blackmail,” several prominent names in journalism and one Hollywood star alleged the tabloid giant had tried to intimidate or threaten them, too.

The allegations could put even more scrutiny on the company, American Media, and its chief executive, David Pecker, a longtime ally of President Donald Trump. Pecker has been accused of buying controversial stories about Trump to keep them private — a media industry practice known as “catch and kill.”

Investigative journalist Ronan Farrow said in a tweet Thursday night that he and “at least one other prominent journalist” who had reported on the link between the National Enquirer and Trump received what he characterized as “stop digging or we’ll ruin you” blackmail threats from AMI.

In a direct response to Farrow’s tweet, former Associated Press investigative editor Ted Bridis said: “We were warned explicitly by insiders that AMI had hired private investigators to dig into backgrounds of @AP journalists looking into the tabloid’s efforts on behalf of Trump.”

Bridis added: “Never saw evidence of this either way, and it didn’t stop our reporting.”

In an article published Thursday night, the Daily Beast’s Lachlan Markay reported that the publication and “a member of its staff were threatened by AMI’s attorneys.” The article did not characterize the alleged threats in detail.

“Imagine if Pecker and his pals put as much effort into getting scoops as they do into threatening people,” Daily Beast editor in chief Noah Shachtman told NBC News on Friday. “It’s the latest reminder — as if we needed one — that there’s nothing too low for this crowd.”

Another such accusation comes from Dino Sajudin, a former doorman for one of Trump’s buildings in New York City. Sajudin’s lawyer, Marc Held, told NBC News in a statement that Sajudin was threatened by AMI, which he said had paid him $30,000 to keep quiet about a relationship between Trump and a Playboy Playmate.

Sajudin’s agreement included a $1 million penalty if he spoke out.

Apparently, AMI told Sajudin that if he spoke out it would be “detrimental to his family.”

Anybody else getting a Mafia type vibe from this company?

They also targeted “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor Terry Crews.

You know Gawker was sued out of existence by Hulk Hogan, and if Bezos wants to go that route he certainly has a number of folks who might sign on for a class action lawsuit. 

With Bezos immense wealth he could destroy the National Enquirer completely. 

Personally, I think that doing so would make him a national hero. 

And just imagine how pissed off it would make Donald Trump.