This appears to be actually worse than the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico.

Courtesy of the Weather Channel

Hundreds of residents desperate to escape the devastation left by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas have lined up at airports and ports hoping for a way off the hardest hit islands.

On Abaco Island, some people have spent days at the Treasure Cay airport waiting to get a flight.

Matthew Taylor, a resident of Dundas Town, told the Nassau Guardian on Saturday that he had been there since Thursday.

“It’s not been a good experience because it’s not organized,” he said, explaining that it was impossible to remain in his wrecked hometown.

“It’s unlivable. After the water is gone, what do you do? You know, you have bodies contaminating the water and stuff like that, so the water is undrinkable. That’s where the panic is now,” Taylor said.

Some of the communities were hit so hard that there is really nothing left to rebuild and no place for any of the residents to stay.

Instead they are trying to get to other islands that were not hit as bad and to access emergency supplies that apparently are not always readily available.

The Coast Guard is on the ground and are patrolling to find survivors and recover bodies.

Even the UN has sent food and water, but the need is extreme and there are still hundreds going without.

The last reports have the death toll at around 43 but according to Prime Minister Hubert Minnis that number is expected to rise significantly.

Yet Donald Trump is already taking credit for keeping those numbers low. 

You may remember that he did the very same thing while vistiting Puerto Rico last year when the number of dead was still really low before the final numbers reached almost 3,000. 

I have a feeling that this tweet is going to come back to bite him in the ass as well.