Gotta protect that asset.

Courtesy of Politico:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the impeachment of Donald Trump was merely “political infighting” and he did not believe the U.S. president would be removed from power on “trumped-up charges.”

Speaking during the Kremlin’s annual press conference, Putin said in response to a question about Russia-U.S. relations: “You have the Senate where the Republicans have the majority, so I don’t think they will vote him out of power on trumped-up charges.”

In his press conference Thursday, Putin said it was all just “political infighting.”

“The Democratic Party lost the previous election, and they wanted to achieve their goals with other means. First, they said there was Russia intervention, collusion with Russia: no collusion. Now, [they say it’s] pressure and quid pro quo with Ukraine,” he added.

Jesus, he even used the term “quid quo pro.”

What more do people need to see to convince them that Donald Trump is working for Vladimir Putin?

I mean at this point both Putin and Kremlin run TV have openly admitted that Trump is their puppet and yet for some reason his supporters are competely unable to accept that as a fact. 

Simply put Donald Trump works for Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

I don’t know how to say it any simpler than that.