The New Yorker has a rather long and detailed piece on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Much of it describes her early years growing up in the Arkansas governor’s mansion, her family, and of course her faith. 

Her faith takes center stage when the New Yorker quotes a Washington Post religion reporter and a Baptist minister:

Michelle Boorstein, a religion reporter for the Washington Post, has written that, in Sanders’s lifetime, many “politicians have broken promises to Christian conservatives.” So far, Trump, who recently hosted a dinner for evangelicals, hasn’t broken his promises to them, leading some to proclaim his victory as evidence of the hand of God. Brian Kaylor, a former Baptist pastor who writes about religion and politics, recently said, of Sanders’s defenses of Trump, “It’s more than you are defending a politician, or even a President—you are defending God’s chosen leader for this time.”

That is the importance that religion plays among Trump supporters. 

Much like the benefit of the doubt that is often giving to God, Trump also gets a pass from his religious base because they have faith that there is a divine hand at work which they have no standing to judge. 

This is the same exact sentiment expressed over and over again during the Bush presidency, where excuses were made for the two wars he started, the collapsing economy, and even his failed response to Hurricane Katrina. 

I know I harp on it all of the time, but it is really an illustration of how dangerous it is for people to be told over and over again that faith is more important than facts, and that God has some secret plan which mankind is simply too primitive to understand. 

That kind of talk dulls our critical thinking skills and lulls us into a false sense of security so that when the emergency lights start flashing we are too numb and disconnected to recognize the very real danger we face. 

To my mind religion is without a doubt the most dangerous mind-altering narcotic on the planet, and as long as it continues to exist human beings will never recognize their true potential.