Were their pointy hoods still in the laundry?

Courtesy of Newsweek:

Students in Arkansas faced backlash for wearing Confederate flag clothing to school, according to KFSM.

“A couple” of students showed up at Fayetteville High School last week with Confederate flags painted on their skin, and wearing Confederate flag attire.

Fort Smith, Arkansas–based KFSM said the students were sent home. Little Rock-based KARK reported one student was suspended after he refused to leave.

“To us, it’s not hate. Everyone is saying it’s hate. It’s our history. We live in a southern state, and if we were doing it for hate we wouldn’t be wearing it,” freshman Jagger Starnes, who was wearing Confederate clothing, told the local the TV station. “I’m honestly not racist. I have friends that are black. I have friends that are Mexican, you know, I’m not racist by any means.”

Ah yes, the old “I have black friends” racism denial. I know it well. 

I love how he says that “to us, it’s not hate.” 

I imagine that to the Nazis burying thousands of Jews in mass graves it was not hate either, it was national pride.

As you might imagine “Jagger’s” dad totally defends him in the article, but what else would you expect since the young man most likely learned to take pride in his Confederate heritage at home?

You know there is a reason why the Germans respond aggressively to anybody in their country sporting a swastika, and it might be the time for certain southern states to learn by that example.