Oh, this is not good.

Courtesy of Law and Crime

A Republican state representative in Arizona abruptly resigned on Wednesday after refusing to cooperate with a state ethics committee. Late Friday, documents released by the committee alleged that Rep. David Stringer paid two children for sex.

According to the Arizona Republic, Stringer was arrested in Baltimore in September 1983. A police report alleged that Stringer met a boy and his friend–both of whom were under the age of 15 at the time–in a park and propositioned them for sex sometime in 1982.

The police report also states that one of the boys Stringer is alleged to have paid for sex with developmentally disabled and that the Arizona Republican “should have reasonably known” about said disability. Additionally, one of the boys was 13-years-old.

“(Name redacted) said that about a year ago he was in Patterson Park with a boy (name redacted) when a man stopped and asked if they wanted to go to his house and have some sex,” the report notes.

Each boy claimed to have both received oral sex from and to have performed oral sex on the long-serving Arizona Republican.

The boys were paid $10 each for participating in the acts, and according to one of the boys it happened at least ten more times. 

Stringer was arrested at the time and charged with eight counts of various sex crimes, he accepted a plea deal of five years probation and was required to seek treatment for his impulses.

However, for some reason, his record was expunged and these crimes only came to light again recently. 

Of course, Stringer’s attorney is claiming that the charges against her client were based on “unfounded allegations” and that he was never convicted. 

Which is true because he accepted a plea deal and there was never a trial. 

But if he was so innocent back then why did he take a plea deal, and why has he abruptly resigned now?  

Stringer was also caught on video last year complaining that there were “not enough white kids to go around” and lamenting that “If we don’t do something about immigration very, very soon, the demographics of our country will be irrevocably changed and we will be a very different country and we will not be the country you were born into.”

So he is not only a pedophile, he is a racist pedophile.