Yeah, who needs to eat when you can instead spend your money supporting a batshit crazy GOP Senator?

Courtesy of AZ Family:

Down in the polls and behind in fundraising, Arizona Sen. Martha McSally is telling her supporters to “fast a meal” and donate the money to her campaign instead.

The Republican senator made the request at a recent event in northern Arizona, where she told the audience that she needs more money to keep pace with her Democratic opponent, Mark Kelly.

“We’re doing our part to catch up, you know, to get our message out. But it takes resources. So, anybody can give, I’m not ashamed to ask, to invest. If you can give a dollar, five dollars, if you can fast a meal and give what that would be,” McSally told her audience on an audio recording obtained by Arizona’s Family.

While many restaurants are struggling to survive the economic fallout caused by COVID-19, officials with McSally’s campaign said she was joking about skipping a meal.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for the campaign said in part, “This is a dumb non-story about a candidate making a joke on the stump.”

Yeah, it is always serious until there is some blowback and then suddenly it was just a joke. 

McSally is going to lose and lose hard to Mark Kelly. 

Clearly she realizes that and it has made her all kinds of desperate.