This is from the new book “Trump on Trial” to published August 25, courtesy of WaPo:

Breakfast over, Pelosi affixed an American flag pin to her dress. The phone rang. Her assistant said the White House was calling. Hold for the president. At 8:16 a.m., Trump came on the line.

He was phoning from his Trump Tower penthouse in New York. In two hours, he would address the U.N. General Assembly and then meet separately with several world leaders. But foreign policy wasn’t the reason for his call. He told Pelosi he wanted to talk about guns.

He said he had been making tremendous progress on gun safety issues with Democrats. Pelosi had no idea what he was talking about. She knew of no such progress, or any such conversations.

Trump then quickly turned to a whistleblower complaint that had been filed against him based on his conduct on the Zelensky call.

“Mr. President, you have come into my wheelhouse,” Pelosi said, citing her extensive background in intelligence matters — she had served as the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee — and her role in working on whistleblower legislation over the years.

He came out with it.

“Are you really going to impeach me?” he asked. “The Senate will never convict. You don’t really want to do this.” He said the Zelensky call was “so perfect” and there had been “no pressure at all. … Literally, you would be impressed by my lack of pressure. … Why would I say something bad? … It was 100 percent perfect. I didn’t ask him for anything.”

He was about to release the transcript. She would see. Perfect.

She told him she was going ahead with the impeachment inquiry.

Trump switched gears. He wanted her to know: He was not the one blocking acting director of national intelligence (DNI) Joseph Maguire from sharing the whistleblower complaint with Congress. Democrats were furious over Maguire’s refusal to turn over the complaint.

“I don’t have anything to do with that,” Trump said.

“Well, then undo it,” she said. “Because you are asking the DNI to break the law. I mean, it’s just outrageous. Mr. President, we have a problem here.”

She repeatedly urged him to give Maguire the go-ahead. “Mr. President, release the complaint,” she said.

“I have to go give a speech,” he said. He hung up at 8:38. They had talked for more than 20 minutes.

So Trump begins a conversation with Nancy Pelosi by lying about gun legislation that she knows full well does not exist and then continues to lie before finally breaking down and begging her not to impeach him. 

Then when it becomes clear that she is immune to his bullshit Trump abruptly ends the phone call in a huff. 

I think this perfectly encapsulates Trump’s relationship with the Speaker of the House. 

He is the incorrigible child constantly breaking the rules and creating chaos while she is the strong female authority figure reinforcing the guidelines and dishing out his punishments.