(Pay close attention around the 8:45 mark to see why AOC is the real deal.)

I decided to watch this entire show yesterday in the hopes that it would give me something to write about for a post today. 

I had also figured I would do other research on the computer for additional posts and that I would probably only be giving the show about half of my attention. If that. 

But instead what happened is that I was immediately sucked in and watched the entire program from start to finish.

This was ostensibly a conversation about climate change and the future of the Democratic party, two subjects that I thought I knew well and yet I was riveted. 

Trust me it was not Chirs Hayes who made this must-see TV. It was AOC. 

I have been a fan for a while now, but this program was I think the first time that I saw her expound on her policy goals and her ideas for the future of the party and the country. 

Not only is her energy contagious, but her intelligence and command of the facts are extremely impressive. 

Anybody who writes AOC off as a passing fad or a pretty face is going to be eating those words in the years to come. 

After the show, I texted my pal Dennis Zaki and gushed about how good she was and told him he needed to watch for himself. 

He texted me back saying that he wondered why she frightened Fox News so much, and I replied that she is a young non-white intelligent female with truckloads of charisma, she is literally everything they fear in one package. 

Of course, they are afraid of her, and they should be.

Which is exactly the reason why the rest of us should be paying very close attention to what she has to say.