Courtesy of WaPo:

The shooting left three people dead — including a 6-year-old boy — and at least 15 injured, local officials said. One gunman was killed by officers at the scene, Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee said early Monday morning.

“It’s sort of a nightmare that you hope you never have to live in reality,” Smithee said at a news conference.

Police are still searching for a possible second suspect, although it’s unclear if that person also fired on the crowd or assisted the shooter. “We believe based on witness statements that there was a second individual involved in some way,” Smithee said. “We just don’t know in what way.”

At this point in the investigation, Smithee said he has “no idea” what the shooter’s motive was.

The first reports of gunshots at the festival came in around 5:41 p.m. local time, just as the event was wrapping up, Smithee said. He added that officers already stationed at the festival “engaged the suspect in less than a minute.” More than a dozen ambulances and firetrucks were also dispatched to the scene located about 30 miles southeast of San Jose, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

At the time of this post the number of reported wounded still stands at 12.

The shooter was carrying an AR-15 and the police ay they do not yet know the killer’s motive. 

Though it appears that racism could once again be the driving force.

I heard on the news that the shooter bypassed security at the entrances by using something to cut the fence and enter the festival that way. 

I still do not understand why these guns are still available, but I know that nobody is going to do anything to take them off the market so long as the orange asshole is still in office.