Is there any place in this state that is not filled with bullet holes?

Courtesy of CNN:

A man who was pulled over by Texas troopers shot at them with a rifle and sped off, setting off a terrifying rampage that ended with four victims dead and 21 injured, police said.

After he opened fire during a traffic stop Saturday in Midland, the gunman drove on the streets and the highway, spraying bullets randomly at residents and motorists.

He then hijacked a postal truck and ditched his gold Honda, shooting at people as he made his way into Odessa about 20 miles away. There, police confronted him in a movie theater parking lot and killed him in a shootout.

The victims injured Saturday included a 17-month-old girl and three law enforcement officers, hospital and police officials said.

It’s unclear why police pulled over the unidentified gunman or what his motive was. Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke described him as a white male in his 30s but declined to provide additional information.

This shooting follows the one that happened about a month ago at a Walmarts which killed 22 Texans. 

And of course today is the day that the state adopts looser gun laws which will allow more guns on school campuses, more guns in churches, and will allow foster families to store guns and bullets in the same place.  

You know, because that is such a good idea. 

One of the victims in this shooting was a 17 month old baby. 

Texas is supposedly a pro-life state, but they cannot even implement laws that protect babies from gunfire. 

I guess once they are born they are supposed to immediately buy guns so that they can defend themselves if they are caught in the crossfire.