Well, isn’t she delightful?

Courtesy of The Hill:

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter said Monday that the one positive of Donald Trump’s presidency was the “total destruction of the lying media.”

“Trump may be a shallow, narcissistic conman, but that doesn’t mean the media are not the enemy of the people. Both things can be true,” Coulter said while speaking to a crowd of about 600 people at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, Fla., according to The Palm Beach Post.

Trump has repeatedly condemned the media as “fake news” and the “enemy of the people.”

Coulter, who broke with Trump after he agreed to a spending package without funds for his long-promised border wall, reiterated her stance against the president in her luncheon speech.

She compared Trump’s shift on his border wall stance to former President George H.W. Bush’s campaign promise that he wouldn’t raise taxes.

“The first George Bush, for example, ‘Read my lips, no new taxes.’ OK — he said it one time at the convention. One time. Trump talked about building the wall at least once a day for 18 months,” Coulter said, before adding that if Trump’s base isn’t energized in 2020, a “nightmare scenario” could take place.

Sort of a confusing message here. 

Donald Trump is a narcissistic conman but also must be elected to avoid a “nightmare scenario?” 

And that nightmare scenario is what? A country led by ethical truth-telling Democrats? 

Coulter is just another idiot who sees the world from inside a Right Wing bubble where truth is false, and lies are the truth just so long as they move forward a conservative agenda. 

Coulter adored Trump, despite his lies, right up until she found out that he was an equal opportunity liar and was willing to lie to her just like everybody else.