Courtesy of Politico:

At the end of a long weekend of rhetorical salvos over the G7 summit’s chaotic ending, German Chancellor Angela Merkel added her voice to the chorus, saying she found Donald Trump’s actions “sobering and a bit depressing,” while calling for more civility in international exchanges.

“The situation isn’t very nice,” Merkel told German public television in a lengthy interview. “I don’t think that ratcheting up the rhetoric is going to improve things.”

“Sometimes I get the impression that the U.S. president believes that only one side wins and the other loses,” Merkel said, adding that she believes in “win-win” situations.

Her comments, which echo those of France’s Emmanuel Macron and others, highlight a growing transatlantic estrangement that Europe insists it doesn’t want but has been powerless to stop.

Canada, France, and now Germany. That is the damn G7 trifecta.

For his part, Trump was all over Twitter yesterday attacking America’s allies like they forgot to invite him to their birthday party.

I literally do not even know what he is talking about here.

Right now cable news is bulging with economists who are pointing out the erroneous things that Trump is saying in these tweets and in interviews, but it will not make any difference because his supporters will never see it. 

What was it Robert De Niro said again?

Oh yeah, Fuck Trump!