I predicted this way back in April.

Courtesy of ADN:

The Anchorage School District will likely start with online-only classes when classes resume Aug. 20 because coronavirus case counts in the municipality are rising so rapidly, superintendent Deena Bishop said Tuesday.

That would be a change from what the district announced earlier this month. Previously, Bishop and other Anchorage School District officials announced a tentative plan to begin holding in-person classes in small groups two days a week in August, and soon after switch to in-person classes five days a week in September.

The district’s four-part plan for holding school during the coronavirus pandemic, which includes low-, medium-low-, medium-high- and high-risk scenarios for school operations, uses the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services’ data to determine the risk level it’s operating in, Bishop said. The low-risk scenario means students would attend in-person classes, the high-risk scenario means classes would be online only and the medium-risk scenarios mean a blend of online and in-person classes.

“If the trend continues, it would boost us to the high-risk,” Bishop said in an interview.

The district is hearing “emotional pleas” to open up for school five days a week and also to not hold any in-person classes at all, she said.

“You have to use the data that’s out there to make decisions rather than rely on emotions,” Bishop said.

In my opinion, this has been a no-brainer since the pandemic first arrived in Alaska. 

Everywhere in the world that tries to reopen schools, movie theaters, or bars and restaurants have seen cases surge. 

So, of course, the same thing will happen here. 

My major frustration has been that the school district wasted all of that time and those resources planning for in-person classes instead of focusing on improving the online teaching curriculum and making the experience more user friendly. 

In the five months they have had since schools closed in March they could have done so much, but instead, they pissed their time away on a fantasy about a return to normal that was never going to happen. 

But hey, at least Anchorage is not forcing kids into a kill jar. 

The same does not hold true for other parts of the state.