We now have over 800 cases in Alaska. 

Courtesy of ADN:

Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz on Friday issued an emergency order requiring people in the city to wear masks in certain indoor settings starting Monday at 8 a.m.

The order applies to public spaces indoors such as restaurants, grocery stores, salons and public transportation.

“Dealing with this pandemic is not something that is going to be done within a week or a month,” Berkowitz said. “This is a long-term issue that we all have to gird ourselves for. There are those who will say, ‘We can ignore it, it will go away.’ That virus is tireless. We might be tired, it’s not tired. It’s going to keep coming, and it’s going to keep coming, and it’s going to keep coming.”

Berkowitz said the mask order was a response to an all-time high in active cases of COVID-19 in the Lower 48, as well as a spike in cases in Anchorage and Alaska.

Good for Ethan!

This is significant because Governor Dunleavy is worried that Berkowitz will be seen as a more effective leader than he is, and then challenge him in 2022. 

Which I am pretty sure Ethan is planning to do by the way. 

Because of that Dunleavy may also make mask-wearing mandatory so that he does not lose too much ground to the popular Democrat. 

And that would be very good news for all Alaskans.