This should put a smile on every LGBTQ person living in our great city.

Ding dong, the dick is dead. 

Jerry Prevo has been preaching intolerance and hate almost as long as I have been alive, and led the local chapter of the Moral Majority back when that was a thing. 

I have had numerous run-ins with Prevo and ABT over the years, perhaps the most famous was posted on the old blog under the title “Indiana Gryphen and the Temple of Baptists.” (Click the title to the left to read all about it.)

Of course, as revealed in the above Facebook post Prevo is handing the hatred keys over to some guy named Ron Hoffman.

I have no idea if Hoffman is as virulently anti-gay as his predecessor but if Jerry likes him there is a good chance that he is. 

The post also reveals that Franklin Graham will also make an appearance, because you know you just cannot have too many homophobes in one room.

Once again this is a great day for the city of Anchorage, the LGBTQ community, and the Alaskan people.