As we know Trump lies about everything all of the damn time.

However this seems especially risky since of course none of his fellow world leaders are going to back him up on this.

So who pissed in his cornflakes.

French President Emmanuel Macron, that’s who.

Courtesy of the New York Post

The tweet comes after media reports portrayed Trump as looking flat-footed, with French President Emmanuel Macron surprising G-7 attendees by inviting Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to appear on the sidelines of the summit​ ​in Biarritz, France.

When Trump was asked by reporters about Zarif’s rumored attendance he replied with a curt “no comment.”

Marcon’s invitation followed a tense Saturday night dinner in which the leaders discussed Iran’s nuclear program and whether to include Russian President Vladimir Putin in future meetings.

Trump has taken a tough ​stand on Iran, pulling out of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, while floating that he believed Putin should be invited to rejoin the G-7, which Russia was pushed out of after annexing Crimea.

So essentially Trump hung Macron out to dry earlier in the day by refusing to acknowledge an agreement to reopen negotiations with Iran, so Macron seems to have gone behind his back to invite Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif to come to G7 and make Iran’s case for further talks. 

This from NBC News

“No one was expecting it,” one U.S. official said of Zarif’s arrival. “It was a surprise.”

U.S. officials said early Sunday, immediately following Zarif’s appearance, that some in the administration were furious at the French government’s decision to invite Zarif to Biarritz without significant advance notice. But they could not characterize the president’s views.

However after the French authorities said that the Americans had absolutely been told about Zarif’s visit the Trump folks came back with this:

A senior administration official said later that “the president is never surprised by these types of actions” and that the administration “absolutely had an idea that he would be here.”

My guess is that the French authorities DID tell some of Trump’s staff that Zarif was coming but the word never made it to Trump or his senior advisers and now they are doing damage control. 

They probably did not tell Trump because they knew he would lose his shit. 

And apparently he is currently in the process of losing that shit now that he knows. 

Which is why he is attacking the media, his favorite target, in order to blow off steam.