A simple thing, and yet it means so much.

Courtesy of The Hill:

President-elect Joe Biden’s pooch, Major, is set to become the first shelter rescue dog in the White House when the former vice president assumes office next year.

The president-elect and his wife, Jill Biden, adopted the German shepherd from the Delaware Humane Association two years ago.

The organization said at the time that the Bidens got to know the pup while fostering him before deciding to “make the adoption official.”

According to NBC News, Major will be the first shelter rescue dog to serve as the nation’s “first dog.” Major will share the title with the Biden family’s other pooch, Champ, which is also a German shepherd.

Next year will mark the first time the country’s first family will have a first dog in four years. Former President Obama had two pups, Bo and Sunny.

President Trump was the first president in 100 years to not have a dog, according to The Washington Post.

Trump probably couldn’t have a dog because he could not find one that would not growl at him every time he entered the room. 

Joe Biden is a regular guy with a loving family and a dog. 

I don’t know about everybody else but that really makes him seem more accessible and authentic to me at least.