Courtesy of Politico:

U.S. service members were injured after an altercation with Russian forces in northeast Syria on Wednesday, according to a draft military statement and a person familiar with the matter.

Four U.S. troops have been diagnosed with mild concussion-like symptoms after the incident involving Russian and coalition armored vehicles, according to the statement reviewed by POLITICO. A second U.S. source briefed on the matter confirmed that multiple U.S. troops were injured.

After POLITICO first published this story on Wednesday, National Security Council spokesperson John Ullyot confirmed parts of the encounter in a statement, but did not say the injuries involved U.S. troops.

The incident occurred around 10 a.m. Syria time on Wednesday, when a routine security patrol encountered Russian troops near Dayrick in northeast Syria, Ullyot said. A Russian vehicle struck a coalition vehicle, injuring its crew, he said, adding that the coalition patrol then left the area “to de-escalate the situation.”


Videos of the encounter that emerged on Twitter on Wednesday appeared to show a Russian vehicle ramming an American vehicle, and a Russian helicopter flying low over U.S. forces.

The draft statement POLITICO reviewed, written by U.S. Central Command, said a Russian vehicle intentionally rammed a coalition vehicle, and that four U.S. troops were injured. The Russian vehicles unsafely pursued U.S. forces, according to the statement.

This is happening because the Russian military has no respect for America.

We allowed the Kremlin to undermine our elections and did nothing. 

We have a puppet of Vladimir Putin running our country and we have done nothing to remove him.

Let’s face it right now we are Russia’s bitch, and they know it.