Good job Trump.

Courtesy of WaPo:

President Trump has spent the last few months telling all kinds of lurid lies about vote-by-mail, and if a new Pew Research poll is to be believed, his efforts are paying off in exactly the manner he hopes:

“While evidence indicates that mail-in voting is associated with only minuscule levels of fraud, 43% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents identify voter fraud as a “major problem” associated with mail-in ballots. By contrast, only 11% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say the same thing.”

Nearly half of Republicans and GOP-leaners falsely believe fraud in mail-balloting is a “major problem.” By contrast, only 25 percent of overall Americans believe this, and barely more than 1 in 10 Democrats and Dem-leaners do.

You’ll also be startled to hear that, according to Pew, Republicans who watch Trump’s favorite news network and listen to conservative talk radio are even more prone to believing this:

“About six-in-ten (61%) of the Republicans whose only major sources of election news (among the eight asked about) are those with right-leaning audiences – talk radio and/or Fox News – say mail-in voter fraud is a major problem. But that figure falls to 23% among Republicans whose major news sources do not include talk radio or Fox News.”

Here’s why this is ominous: It could create fertile ground for Trump to attempt to execute his scheme to try to declare untold numbers of mail ballots to be illegitimate.

This comes as other polling also shows Trump’s attacks having the desired effects. A new Post/ABC News poll finds that in Wisconsin, only 8 percent of Republicans plan to vote early by mail, while 76 percent plan to vote in person on Election Day.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, those numbers are 14 percent to 82 percent. By contrast, in both states, substantially higher percentages of Democrats plan to vote early by mail, and substantially fewer plan to vote in person on Election Day.

It might be, as some Republicans have argued, that Trump is unintentionally hurting himself and his party by dissuading many GOP voters from using vote-by-mail. We’re already seeing Democrats rack up huge advantages in absentee ballot requests in key swing states; if the pandemic depresses Election Day turnout among GOP voters, this whole scheme could backfire.

I see this as both an indication that Trump is going to lose badly, but also a red flag that this election is going to be reminiscent of the Thunder Dome.

There will definitely be fighting in the streets, and when the dust finally settles there will be millions of people convinced that the winner is illegitimate. 

My friend thinks that if Trump loses that he will take a page out of the Edward Snowden playbook and pack up his shit and fly over to Russia to avoid prosecution.

And to be honest that is not really that far fetched.

I would absolutely love to see the faces of his supporters if Trump proved that he was a Russian agent all along by running to hide in Moscow.

I’d literally never stop saying “I told you so.”