I’ll bet they do. And for good reason.

Courtesy of Politico:

The National Rifle Association’s internal turmoil is preventing the once-mighty organization from crafting a plan to blunt the latest gun control push, highlighting the group’s weakness at a crucial political moment.

The disarray at the NRA is alarming allies who say President Donald Trump and Congress appear to have a brief opening to pass legislation while the group is so politically feeble it isn’t able to aggressively lobby lawmakers against proposals or hold them accountable for their votes, according to a half-dozen Republicans familiar with the situation.

“There’s no coordinated effort,” according to a person familiar with the NRA’s outreach on the current gun debate. “The staff feels like there is no plan. There’s not a lot of direction or a plan for how to proceed.”

In recent months, the NRA has battled numerous scandals — from lavish spending by top executives and a broader financial management crisis to a spate of board member resignations and an attempted coup at the group’s annual conference. It lost President Oliver North and top lobbyist Chris Cox, who is close to Trump. And Ackerman McQueen, its ad agency for nearly four decades, quit.

“There are some very significant problems with the NRA right now, financially, structurally, strategically, that need to be addressed,” said Rob Pincus, a lifetime NRA member who’s involved in Save the Second, whose membership includes other NRA members, prospective members and former members. The group is focused on rebuilding the NRA by promoting institutional change at the organization.

I have to tell you that the feel good story of any day for me is one that describes the NRA slowly losing its shit.

I have despised these tiny dicked ammosexuals for decades, and watching them falling to pieces as the country finally stands up and tells them we are not taking their shit any more is music to my ears. 

Personally I will never understand how we ever allowed an organization supported by a bunch of GI Joe cosplayers who spend their weekends playing Rambo in the woods or furiously masturbating to Guns and Ammo magazine, exert so much control over our politics in the first place. 

But hey, that’s just me.