Welcome to Trump’s America, where journalists who are not supportive of this administration are treated like enemies of the people. 

Courtesy of Axios

President Trump’s political allies are trying to raise at least $2 million to investigate reporters and editors of The New York Times, The Washington Post and other outlets, according to a three-page fundraising pitch reviewed by Axios.

Trump’s war on the media is expanding. This group will target reporters and editors, while other GOP 2020 entities go after the social media platforms, alleging bias, officials tell us.

The group claims it will slip damaging information about reporters and editors to “friendly media outlets,” such as Breitbart, and traditional media, if possible.

People involved in raising the funds include GOP consultant Arthur Schwartz and the “loose network” that the N.Y. Times reported last week is targeting journalists. The operations are to be run by undisclosed others.

The prospectus for the new project says it’s “targeting the people producing the news.”

The irony: The New York Times exposed an extremely improvisational effort that had outed a Times editor for past anti-Semitic tweets.

This new group is now using the exposure to try to formalize and fund the operation.

Organizers joke that their slogan should be: “Brought to you by The New York Times.”
Under “Primary Targets,” the pitch lists:

“CNN, MSNBC, all broadcast networks, NY Times, Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and all others that routinely incorporate bias and misinformation in to their coverage. We will also track the reporters and editors of these organizations.”

Axios argues that Media Matters an organization founded by a Clinton supporter does essentially the same takse. 

However Media Matters typically targets conservative media bias, it does not threaten to investigate individuals in an attempt to shut them up. 

What these people are proposing is to intimidate journalists into avoiding topics or investigations that might upset their dear leader. 

Those are Kremlin tactics, not American tactics.