Uh oh!

Courtesy of CNN:

Officials in states across the South are warning that more young people are testing positive for coronavirus.

The shifts in demographics have been recorded in parts of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and other states — many of which were some of the first to reopen.

And while some officials have pointed to more widespread testing being done, others say the new cases stem from Americans failing to social distance.

In Mississippi, where one health officer called adherence to social distancing over the past weeks “overwhelmingly disappointing,” officials attributed clusters of new cases to fraternity rush parties.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said last week that people under 30 made up a majority of new coronavirus cases in several counties. He said that increase in young infected people could be related to Memorial Day parties, visits to bars or other gatherings.

And in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday that the median age was 37 for newly diagnosed coronavirus cases over the last week. In the state, 62% of new cases for the week of June 7 are under 45 years old, he said.

“That is a big change from where we were at the end of March and the beginning of April. It was skewing much older at that time,” he said.

This is just bad news for everybody. 

Especially for those trying to figure out how to open public schools and colleges. 

I have never really felt that young people were somehow immune from this virus, I just think that they have a better than average chance of getting over it without any long-lasting health problems. 

But that does not include all young people and if they continue to conduct themselves as if they are bulletproof they could, quite literally, kill their friends and classmates.